Paul Johnson. Sacred Choral Music and Solo Songs
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BORN THAT NIGHT. SATB & Organ. Text by P.J. Published by Decani Music 819830

BEHOLD A SIMPLE TENDER BABE. SATB & ORGAN. Text Robert Southwell. Published by Amicus: 01229 467432m&

BALULALOW. SATB Unacc. Text Wedderburn Brothers. Included in New Catholic Hymnal published by Faber Music. This simple original was later published in a choral arrangement in The Novello Book of Carols.

THE BAIRN IN THE BYRE. SATB with solo. A longer reworking of the above to the composer's own 'Scottish' text with one Wedderburn verse retained. Unpubl.

A HOLY LAND. SATB and Organ. Composer's own text, motivated by his concern for the former UK Protectorate of Palestine and its people.

For Easter:

THE RISEN LORD. SATB and Organ. The plainchant 'Victimae Pascali Laudes' provides the basis for the organ accompanimen of this carol
and serves as a descant in the final verse. Sopranos beware, a top B awaits! The composer's own text.

EASTERTIDE. SATB and Organ. Another lively piece, for which Paul Johnson wrote words to fit the Russian melody made famous by Stravinsky in the Shrovetide-Fair scene in his music for the ballet, 'Petrushka'.