Paul Johnson. Sacred Choral Music and Solo Songs
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The Prioress in Spring


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Holy Week and Easter Carols
Holy Week and Easter carols are represented by Eastertide for which Johnson fitted words to the Russian tune used by Stravinsky in Petroushka.
Amice Christi: the Prince of Peace was one of the most popular medieval carols, in praise of the beloved disciple, St. John. Its text makes it particularly suitable for Holy Week, as well as for Feasts of St. John.
Lastly, The Risen Lord weaves an original carol around the opening lines of the Easter Sequence Lauda Sion. This appears as the organ Pedal part until the last exuberant verse when, as a descant, it rises to lofty heights.

Referring in general to this CD, Dr. George Guest, former Director of St. Johnʼs College Chapel Choir, Cambridge wrote to the composer: : “I have to say that I found it very beautiful and truly moving, and I do hope that you are getting all these pieces published”. To date just two have been published and the second of these in only its ʻhymn bookʼ simplicity.